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Business Tax Preparation

Our professional skills enables the efficient, accurate preparation of income tax returns for various types of business entities such as sole proprietor, LLC, Inc, LP, LLP, and Non-Profit.



Tax Preparation

We stay on top of ever-changing tax laws so you can run your business. Our tax preparer will put your mind at ease when it comes to tax credits and deducting business expenses.


Sales Tax

If you are selling products that are subject to a sales tax in California then you must register with BOE (Board of Equalization), prepare and file sales tax returns, collect and submit the sales tax to the government. We will help you each step of the way from registering with the Board of Equalization, filing your sales tax return, to calculating and paying your sales taxes to the BOE.

Sales taxes are not charged on every item sold and on some items sales taxes may be required to be charged in addition to other fees such as a CRV. As your expert business consultants and tax preparer, we will help you resolve the "what, when, where, and how" of the sales tax mystery.

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